21 February 2017

Peripheria (by David Coquard-Dassault)

A journey into the heart of a large and abandoned council estate. Peripheria portrays an urban environment becoming wild: a modern Pompeii where the wind blows and dogs roam, tailing the remains of human life.

Polish Legends. Yaga (by Tomasz Bagiński)

Twardowsky opened Hell's prison. One of the escaped prisoners is Yaga - a delicate but deadly woman.

Polish Legends. Operation Basilisk (by Tomasz Bagiński)

A simple fishing trip changes into a fight for survival for a simple Polish policeman and his uncle. After destruction of the Hell's prison by Twardowsky, lots of mythical and folk-tales' creatures escaped and are now roaming free in Poland. Two simple guys will have to face Basilisk - a monster that can turn people to stone just by looking at them.

Pound (by Evan Bernard)

Two friends meet on the street and greet each other by engaging in an impressively long and complex handshake and once its completed they say goodbye, starting another minute-long handshake.

20 February 2017

Polish Legends. Twardowsky 2.0 (by Tomasz Bagiński)

Twardowsky is heading to the border of the Solar System. Can he make it? The Devil, and his hunter - Lucy are right behind him. Can desperate Polish astronaut win with his fiendish opponents?

Polish Legends. Twardowsky (by Tomasz Bagiński)

Twardowsky, a Polish billionaire, is living alone in the Moon station, where he's hiding from the Devil and Lucy - a hellfiend sent to collect his soul. When Lucy finally arrives, Twardowsky already has a plan to trick the devil. In the end - he doesn't want to spend the eternity in hell.

Polish Legends. The Dragon (by Tomasz Bagiński)

A Russian criminal called in Polish media "The Dragon" is kidnapping young girls. He's praised on the Internet, but the police do nothing to stop him. Only one young man will take his chance to defeat the menace. And he will use all his talent to achieve the goal - save the girl he loves.

In The Bar (by Cleiton Stringhini & Paulo Tarso)

A Brazilian federal law enforces cigarette manufacturers to print illustrated messages in all packages of cigarettes in order to discourage smoking. This may cause some controversy between retailers and consumers!

Danny Boy (by Marek Skrobecki)

A metaphorical and bitterly ironic story about a society suffering from "a headless existence". Marek Skrobecki's puppet animation Danny Boy shows an individual at odds with the system. His emotions reveal his otherness and need for acceptance. The production is a refined animated film featuring elaborate puppets. According to the director, it was his most difficult piece of work so far given the great number of puppets appearing on set at the same time. This pessimistic animated film refers by its title as well as by some motifs to the famous Irish ballad.