26 April 2016

Maximum Penalty (by Juanjo Gimenez)

During a regional football match, the trainer tries to guide his team, instead of attending his father's funeral.

21 April 2016

Happy Birthday (by Jorge Sandoval)

A young boy learns a valuable lesson.

This is Slovenia (by Michael Frank)

Josko Joras is an obstinate man caught between two fires. He lives on the disputed border between Slovenia and Croatia.

20 April 2016

One Small Leap (by James Walker)

It's July 21st, 1969, and Neil Armstrong has just taken a giant leap for mankind. In Muskogee, Oklahoma, one man is turning back the evolutionary clock. Jeff Rudom (Gladiator) stars in an intriguing drama that has won awards for direction.

19 April 2016

This Is Me (by Sam Arthur)

Bertie is in a coma whilst his wife enjoys the high life. Witness the rise and fall of this couple living under the Heathrow airport flight path. Based on a real phenomenon airlines would rather we didn't know about, this film is a little thing with a lot of impact.

Potatoes (by Matt Smith)

A documentary showcasing the origins of this staple food which has enlightened millions of viewers at many top international film festivals.