31 January 2013

The Hell's Kitchen (by Benjamin Bocquelet)

A small accident starts a chain of events that quickly escalates into complete mayhem.

26 January 2013

Last Train Ride (by Gokhan Okur & Jigsaw Soul)

A dazzling animation set to the beautiful string music of Jigsaw Soul. Discover your own hidden meanings.

Benigni (by Elli Vuorinen, Jasmiini Ottelin, Pinja Partanen)

A lonesome xylophone player finds a viciously growing tumor under his arm. In his attempts to get rid of the tumor he discovers that it has some unconventional qualities.

Gumdrop (by Kerry Conran & Stephen Lawes)

A robot's life story emerges during a casting session.

25 January 2013

Can We Kiss? (by Pierre-Olivier Mornas)

A girl arrives at her audition ten minutes early. Finding it difficult to learn her lines, she approaches a man nearby for help...

Shame (by Tom Geens)

We all have something we'd rather keep to ourselves.

Oedipus (by RONG)

A man, a poem, and a family destroyed. History has never taught us so much.

Directed by RONG Collective. Written by Nathan Filer.

22 January 2013

Reverso (by Kimberly Honma, Clement Lauricella & Arthur Seguin)

Barney lives with his father, Walter, in a littler suburban house. He tries to live a normal life even though Barney is different: his sense of gravity is inverted...

21 January 2013

Pixels (by Patrick Jean)

Pixels is a 2010 French animated short film written and directed by Patrick Jean, and produced by Benjamin Darras and Johnny Alves. It is about an invasion of New York City by classic 8-bit video games, such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Tetris, Arkanoid, and others. Pixels was created in commemoration of the first video game.

17 January 2013

Bathtime In Clerkenwell (by Alex Budovsky)

This film is about The Great Revolution of the British Cuckoos, who bravely took over London, forcing all the people to move inside the cuckoo clocks.

The song Bathtime In Clerkenwell by The Real Tuesday Weld, composed by Stephen Coates. Taken from the album "I, Lucifer".

12 January 2013

Logorama (by F. Alaux, H. de Crecy & L. Houplain)

Police chase an armed criminal in a version of Los Angeles comprised entirely of corporate logos.

This is a short film that was directed by the French animation collective H5, François Alaux, Hervé de Crécy + Ludovic Houplain. It was presented at the Cannes Film Festival 2009. It opened the 2010 Sundance Film Festival and won a 2010 academy award under the category of animated short.

05 January 2013

Sleeping Betty (by Claude Cloutier)

Princess Betty sleeps in a narcoleptic stupor. The king appeals to his subjects to wake her. A worthy Prince Charles lookalike has to leave his royal suburb to save the princess, but will Betty be wakened with just a kiss?

Drawn in India ink, this animation sets the Perrault classic in Claude Cloutier’s disjointed, anachronistic and playful universe.

Production : National Film Board of Canada (nfb.ca)

Quimby The Mouse (by Chris Ware)

The story of a rather unusual couple. Who is the head of this family?

Statuesque (by Neil Gaiman)

The eight-minute film concerns an old man (Bill Nighy) and his relationship with a group of living statues, which includes Amanda Palmer.

Dog Years, Chapter 1: Love (by Richard Penfold & Samuel Hearn)

Ben 39, Leo, castrated mongrel needs love, G.S.O.H essential.

The End (by Cameron McHarg)

A desperate man tries to end his life. Will he succeed... in the end?

The Adventures Of A Cardboard Box (by Temujin Doran)

The story of a boy who meets and befriends a large cardboard box.

It is also on Vimeo.

Western Spaghetti (by PES)

A rather unusual spaghetti recipe... Bon appétit!

Tufty (by Jason Butler & Brendan Butler)

What if you knew where your Teddy Bear really came from?

For more info visit the film's website at www.tuftybear.com.

Days Like This - The Grandparents Grave (by Joel Simon)

A touching story of one woman's journey with her father to his home town in Belarus, to visit the grave of her grandparents for the first time.

02 January 2013

Manderlay (by Paul Barritt)

The narration of a nightmare with goatmen baby ballerinas, a tooth-fairy without a face, scissors and other horrific participants.

Bad Toys II (by Daniel Brunet & Nicolas Douste)

Using a combo of live-action, comic book panels and CG, the short is one destructive car chase that starts off with toys on a living room floor. Using Michael Bay-style editing and camera moves, the play is elevated to metal-crunching, tire-screeching, car-crashing levels seen in Bay’s own Bad Boys movies with two wise-cracking cops trying to catch a van of bad guys. [after The Hollywood Reporter]