30 December 2016

I Love Death (by Hannes Häyhä)

Music video for the band Lodger. Bass player Hannes Häyhä created this flash music video featuring a hapless one-eyed stick man which proved so popular he set up "One-Eyed Films". The song details the drudgery in life of the average person and "God Has Rejected the Western World", an anthem decrying the superficiality of western society.

28 December 2016

Libre indirecto / Indirect Free-Kick (by Juanjo Giménez)

During a regional soccer game, a goalkeeper is sent off from the game. A very special supporter will cheer up the substitute the rest of the match.

19 December 2016

R´ha (by Kaleb Lechowski)

A member of an alien species is being interrogated and tortured by a machine.

The Maker (by Christopher Kezelos)

A strange creature races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life.

15 December 2016

The Black Hole (by Diamond Dogs)

A sleep-deprived office worker accidentally discovers a black hole - and then greed gets the better of him.

14 December 2016

Tell It To The Fishes (by William Sinclair)

The tide is coming in and Finn (Dylan Moran), a worthless low-rent hood, has been dropped on an isolated beach, his feet set in concrete.

The Big Push (by Ian Fenton)

Sometimes it's worth it.

Why Principals Matter (by Sam Price-Waldman)

Earlier this year, Nadia Lopez was ready to quit her job at Mott Hall Bridges Academy. Lopez founded the public middle school in 2010, hoping to provide educational stability to students in Brownsville, Brooklyn—the poorest neighborhood in New York City. Four years later, though, she worried her work wasn't influencing the community.

Then Vidal Chastanet, an eighth-grader at Mott Hall, was featured on the Humans of New York photo blog, where he praised Lopez as the most influential person in his life. "When we get in trouble, she doesn't suspend us," he said. "She calls us to her office and explains to us how society was built down around us." The post, which immediately vent viral on Facebook, was shared more than 145,000 times. Three days later, Stanton and Lopez started a fundraising campaign to send Mott Hall students to visit Harvard. The campaign attracted significant attention online, raising more than $1.4 million in just three weeks.

In February, The Atlantic’s video team spent a day at Mott Hall to learn how Lopez responded to the attention, and more important, to understand why she is such a successful principal. As Lopez explains it, her hands-on approach is a big reason why Mott Hall has become such a safe haven in Brownsville. “In this building, my kids are going to feel like they’re successful,” she said.

09 December 2016

In Passing (by Chris Allen & Rob Rainbow)

A personal journey through Manchester as seen through the eyes of a partially-blind woman.

Peter & Ben (by Pinny Grylls)

Peter and Ben is a touching and quirky story of how two "black-sheep" form an unusual and enduring bond.

03 December 2016

Weiser (by Wojciech Marczewski)

Pawel Heller returns to his hometown after many years, to try to unravel the mystery of disappearance of his schoolmate.

At Full Gallop (by Krzysztof Zanussi) ***NO ENGLISH SUBS***

In the early 1950s, a 10-year-old boy moves to Warsaw to stay with his bourgeois aunt. In spite of harsh Stalinist times, they are both fascinated by horses.

The Touch (by Krzysztof Zanussi)

Henry Kesdi is a silenced classical composer and a survivor of the Holocaust. He is coaxed out from retirement by an inspired musicologist, Stefan, who convinces him to compose a complex symphony on his neglected piano.

24 November 2016

The Phoenix Foundation - "Hitchcock" (by Reuben Sutherland)

A music video for a song by a band The Phoenix Foundation. Electric cars drive and fly around various locations as a kind of antidote to the polluted petrol.

A higher quality version can be found here.

22 November 2016

Blood and Chips (by Ryan Phillips)

A heat wave is bringing racial tensions to boiling point in a London chip shop.

21 November 2016

The Legend of the Scarecrow (by Marco Besas)

A lonely scarecrow tries to befriend a group of birds without success, and he can't understand why they don't want to approach him...

The Mysterious Geographic Explorations of Jasper Morello (by Anthony Lucas)

Set in a world of iron dirigibles and steam powered computers, this gothic horror mystery tells the story of Jasper Morello, a disgraced aerial navigator who flees his plague-ridden home on a desperate voyage to redeem himself.

The Backwater Gospel (by Bo Mathorne)

As long as anyone can remember, the coming of The Undertaker has meant the coming of death. Until one day the grim promise fails and tension builds as the God fearing townsfolk of Backwater wait for someone to die.

Bear (by Nash Edgerton)

Jack has the perfect birthday surprise planned for Emelie. Sometimes, though, plans go horrifically wrong.

19 November 2016

Spider (by Nash Edgerton)

Jack and Jill are always hurting each other's feelings. But like Mum said, "It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye."

18 November 2016

Cargo (by Ben Howling & Yolanda Ramke)

Stranded in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, a man sets in motion an unlikely plan to protect his precious daughter.

He Took His Skin Off For Me (by Ben Aston)

The story of a man who takes his skin off for his girlfriend, and why it probably wasn't the best idea...

17 November 2016

Untitled Predator Fan Film (by Kenji Doughty)

This was a fun project that we shot over the course of three days on a $500 budget. Wouldn't have been possible without the love and support from the cast and crew, so much mahalo's to everyone involved.

Predator: Dark Ages (by James Bushe)

PREDATOR: Dark Ages is a short fan film. Winner of 'best fan film' at the Tri-Cities International Film Festival.

Set during the Crusades, the faith & fighting skills of a group of Templar Knights is put to the test when they encounter the Predator. Their battle is the thing Myths and Legends are born from.

15 November 2016

Lovefield (by Mathieu Ratthe)

No comment this time. Just watch. It's short. Don't look for descriptions.

14 November 2016

True (by Tom Tykwer)

The phone rings, startling Tomas, who is seated in front of the computer. He feels for the telephone receiver. Tomas is blind. His girlfriend, Francine, tells him that it's all over and she's leaving him. The phone drops back onto the hook. Tomas' mind races back in a dizzying flurry of images to the moment they both met, to the couple's most intimate moments together and to the tiny careless mistakes that eventually lead to the end of their relationship. TRUE is part of a compilation project entitled PARIS, JE T'AIME, in which a number of internationally renowned directors each tell a story in one of Paris' 20 arrondissements.

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon (by Richard Gale)

The epic story of one man's encounter with the most relentless murderer of all time.

11 November 2016

Sequence (by Carles Torrens)

What would you do if you woke up one day, and realized the entire world had dreamed about you the night before?

11 October 2016

Compassion (by Tom Geens)

A woman spots the same old man going through bins on a number of occasions. Every time her face fills with utmost compassion. One day she decides to follow him. How much of her compassion was truly compassion?

23 September 2016

The T-Shirt (by Hossein Martin Fazeli)

Mark is half- American, half-Slovak. And he has strong beliefs. On a trip to Slovakia he meets Tomas, a shop assistant who is wearing a T-shirt that offends his beliefs.

Morning Ritual (by J. Lazarus)

A simple housewife presents her over-bearing husband with a precious gift.

20 September 2016

Cheat Neutral (by Beth Stratford)

From the high street to the Houses of Parliament, cheatneutral.com sparks an important debate about the inadequacies of carbon offsetting.


Ten Thousand Pictures of You (by Robin King)

An exhilarating rollercoaster ride through the animated pictures of Sarah's world, as she seeks revenge upon the movie star who broke her heart!

02 May 2016

The Clap (by Geoff Lindsey)

An obsessive music fan wants to be the first clapper at the end of every piece. But when he inflicts the clap incessantly on his idol, the virtuoso decides to fight back.

26 April 2016

Maximum Penalty (by Juanjo Gimenez)

During a regional football match, the trainer tries to guide his team, instead of attending his father's funeral.

21 April 2016

Happy Birthday (by Jorge Sandoval)

A young boy learns a valuable lesson.

This is Slovenia (by Michael Frank)

Josko Joras is an obstinate man caught between two fires. He lives on the disputed border between Slovenia and Croatia.

20 April 2016

One Small Leap (by James Walker)

It's July 21st, 1969, and Neil Armstrong has just taken a giant leap for mankind. In Muskogee, Oklahoma, one man is turning back the evolutionary clock. Jeff Rudom (Gladiator) stars in an intriguing drama that has won awards for direction.

19 April 2016

This Is Me (by Sam Arthur)

Bertie is in a coma whilst his wife enjoys the high life. Witness the rise and fall of this couple living under the Heathrow airport flight path. Based on a real phenomenon airlines would rather we didn't know about, this film is a little thing with a lot of impact.

Potatoes (by Matt Smith)

A documentary showcasing the origins of this staple food which has enlightened millions of viewers at many top international film festivals.

24 March 2016

14 March 2016

Journey to the Moon (by Neil Gittins)

The chronicle of a fantastic journey from the Earth to the Moon.

Covert (by Joe Berger)

A stylish, complex thriller in which a secret agent's coded mission is intercepted by a listening station, with surprising results.

06 March 2016

Busker (by David Wigram)

Busker is a lighthearted story of two street performers who tussle to keep the attention of an audience. It was filmed on 35mm with French actor Dominique Pinon in the lead, and runs 6 minutes. The story is told entirely without dialogue.

03 March 2016

Lost Utopia (by Mirai Mizue)

An animation using the Paradise Lost tale of Adam and Eve as the motif.

29 February 2016

Not Long Now (by Joe Berger)

A little boy amuses himself on a long and boring train journey.

Pound (by Evan Bernard)

Two friends meet on the street and greet each other by engaging in an impressively long and complex handshake and once its completed they say goodbye, starting another minute-long handshake.

11 February 2016

We Have Decided Not To Die (by Daniel Askill)

"We Have Decided Not To Die" is an unusual short film. A modern day allegorical triptych, three figures under go transformation through three rituals. Though not a story in any conventional sense, We Have Decided Not To Die succeeds in taking audience on an emotional journey. Aurally intriguing, often stunning and always beautiful, Daniel's short film has been winning fans from around the festival circuit.

08 February 2016

Right Place (by Kosai Sekine)

Comedic story of an eccentric Tokyo convenience store worker whose obsession for neatness leads to a sudden change.

11 January 2016

Tolerantia (by Ivan Ramadan)

The first 3D animated film produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2008). Nominated for the Best European Short film by the European Film Academy 2008. Awarded with 8 more awards including the "Heart of Sarajevo" for the best short film on Sarajevo Film Festival 2008.